Why Your Business Needs a Blog and Thesis

April 7, 2010

When it comes to premium blog themes that are easy to customize, the Thesis DIY theme is one of the best blog themes to use to promote your business. Blogging is a necessary means to promote your business and attract new clientele on the web. A blog is a place to get to know your […]

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How to Turn Potential Customers Into Buyers

April 3, 2010

In an attempt to turn seekers (potential customers) into finders (buyers), getting them to your web page is only half the battle. Once seekers land on your home or landing page, assuring that they either purchase your products or services, sign up for a newsletter, or even click through to subsequent pages to check out […]

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Marketing Lessons from Legends

April 1, 2010

Today I watched a live webinar on www.HubSpot.com with Brian Halligan of HubSpot and featuring David Meerman Scott, one of my favorite marketing gurus and best selling authors.  I have read two of David’s books thus far: “The New Rules of Marketing and PR”, and “World Wide Rave”.  These books are full of priceless information […]

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Positive and Negative Ways to Respond to Customer Feedback

March 30, 2010

Instead of window-shopping in malls and stores we can window shop from the comfort of our homes.  If we want to know how something works or whether or not it fits our specifications, we can research that information online before purchasing the product. Television commercials and newspapers are no longer a primary influence on our […]

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Viral Marketing Banner Ad

March 29, 2010

My last two class assignments in viral marketing consisted of creating a landing page and then to create a banner ad to wrap up and tie together my marketing campaign on JewelryForAll.com (the fictitious company I chose for my class project). Clicking on the banner ad will take you to my mock-up landing page for […]

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Eight Ways to Increase Your Website Visibility for Free

March 24, 2010

Make sure you have submitted your site url to all the major search engines:  Google, Yahoo and Bing. Create a company blog.  I  use WordPress for my company and personal blogs.  WordPress works similar to a content management system and makes it easy to maintain and edit any type of blog without the need to […]

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How to – Viral Marketing Assignment

March 22, 2010

As an Internet marketing student at Full Sail University one of my most recent assignments included choosing a fictitious company and creating a viral marketing campaign.  In creating this viral campaign we were to examine and analyze the client brand story, history, demographic, strategy and goals and then use this information to create a potentially […]

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Web Visibility Through Videos

March 14, 2010

I have embedded a video below that is a great example of a viral marketing video I found on YouTube for Pedigree dog food. This video is less than two minutes long.  It shows several dogs in action as they watch two pieces of Pedigree dog food floating through the air.  Two of the dogs […]

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What I Hate About Marketing Techniques

March 7, 2010

A few years ago I ended up running a small printing business from my bedroom.  Yes, my bedroom.  I was pulled into the business after I left a larger printing company due to their very bad customer service, horrendous lack of reliability and low-quality products.  When I left that particular company, the customers would not […]

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